Florida HB 455 - Assault Weapons and Large Capacity Magazines by Charles Yeganian

Assault Weapons and Large-Capacity Magazines; Prohibits sale, transfers, or possession of assault weapon or large-capacity ammunition magazine; provides exceptions; requires certificates of possession for assault weapons or large-capacity ammunition magazines lawfully possessed before specified date; provides conditions for continued possession of such weapons or large-capacity ammunition magazines; requires certificates of transfer for transfers of assault weapons or large-capacity magazines; provides for relinquishment of assault weapons or large-capacity magazines; provides requirements for transportation of assault weapons; provides enhanced criminal penalties for certain offenses when committed with assault weapon or large-capacity magazine.

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Florida HB 175 - Firearms by Charles Yeganian

Firearms; Removes provisions authorizing seizure of firearms from persons in certain circumstances; removes prohibition on firearms ownership or possession until removal of firearm possession & firearm ownership disability; removes prohibition on persons younger than 21 years of age purchasing firearms; eliminates waiting period for purchases of firearms other than handguns; removes ban on bump-fire stocks; removes provisions providing for risk protection orders.

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Florida HB 135 - Firearm Transfers by Charles Yeganian

790.0653 Transfers of firearms; transfer through licensed dealer required.— (1) A person may not sell or otherwise transfer a firearm, including selling or transferring a firearm via the Internet, unless:
(a) The person is a licensed dealer;
(b) The purchaser or other transferee is a licensed dealer; or
(c) The requirements of subsection (2) are met.

Florida SB 108 - Regulation of Concealed Weapons Licenses by Charles Yeganian

Regulation of Concealed Weapons Licenses; Transferring the concealed weapons licensing program of the Division of Licensing of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to the Department of Law Enforcement by a type two transfer; creating the Concealed Weapons Licensing Program in the Department of Law Enforcement; redesignating the Department of Law Enforcement as the entity responsible for regulating, and collecting payments and fees from, concealed weapons licensing, etc.

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