Michigan HB 6522 - Arming School Employees by Charles Yeganian

HB 6522 would amend Michigan law to allow a teacher or other school employee to carry a concealed pistol in the school and on school property if they’re authorized to do so by the school board (in the case of a public school) or the governing body of a private school. Current law states that the holder of a concealed carry permit is unable to carry a concealed pistol at a school or on school property except in a vehicle during drop-off or pick-up from the school.

Michigan HB 6528 - Concealed Weapon Renewal Fees by Charles Yeganian

Currently, Michigan law requires an applicant renewing a concealed carry license to pay a $115 fee. HB 6528 would eliminate that fee. These fees are necessary for the Concealed Pistol Licensing Fund, which pays for staff to handle licensing applications, electronic fingerprint technology, and other licensing office functions.