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New Jersey A 4802 - Violence Reduction

This bill would provide that any hospital in the State, which provides services in a municipality that has a disproportionately high rate of firearm violence or homicides, may not be designated as a Level One or Level Two trauma center, under the provisions of P.L.2013, c.233 (C.26:2KK-1 et seq.) and the regulations adopted pursuant thereto, unless the hospital operates or contracts with a hospital-based or hospital-linked violence intervention program that provides appropriate counseling, case management, and social services to patients who have been injured as a result of violence. Any such hospital that, as of the bill’s effective date, was already designated as a Level One or Level Two trauma center, will be required to establish or contract with a hospital-based or hospital-linked violence intervention program within one year after the bill becomes effective, or will have its designation revoked.

For the purposes of enforcing the bill’s provisions, the Commissioner of Health would be required to establish criteria to be used in identifying municipalities that have disproportionately high rates of firearm violence or homicide, and would further be required to develop a list of such municipalities, based on the application of such identified criteria. The list is to be published on the Internet website of the Department of Health, and is to be revised and updated as necessary, on at least an annual basis.
New Jersey A 4801 - Violence Reduction Initiatives

This bill establishes the New Jersey Violence Intervention Program (NJVIP) for the purpose of saving lives by investing in effective, evidence-based violence reduction initiatives focused on the highest-risk individuals in communities disproportionately impacted by community violence, with a particular emphasis on firearm violence.

Specifically, the bill requires the Office of the Attorney General to establish, advertise, and administer grants through the NJVIP, conduct program evaluation to determine the effectiveness of the violence intervention programs, and provide written reports to provide transparency regarding the effectiveness of the programs, and hold public forums to gather community input regarding the programs.

The bill requires the Office of the Attorney General to award funds on a competitive basis to municipalities, health agencies, law enforcement agencies, and non-profit organizations that serve communities with disproportionately high rates of homicides and other incidents involving the use of firearms. The bill provides that the Office of the Attorney General is to prioritize applicants operating in areas disproportionately affected by serious violence, whose grant proposals demonstrate the greatest likelihood of reducing the rate and number of homicides and other incidents involving the use of firearms in the community served by the applicant. The award applicants may apply either independently or jointly. The bill requires that grants awarded cannot replace current violence prevention funding being provided.
New Jersey S 2545 - Suicide Prevention

This bill requires the Attorney General, in consultation with the Commissioner of Health, to establish a suicide prevention course curriculum and suicide prevention informational materials for firearm retail dealers who sell firearms or operate a firing range in this State. Under the bill, the Attorney General is required to notify firearm retail dealers of the course curriculum and encourage their participation in a training course. The training course would be made available by the Department of Law and Public Safety in a classroom setting or on an Internet website. The course would include information on methods to recognize signs of suicidal tendencies or characteristics in firearm purchasers or renters, suicide intervention strategies to reduce the incidence of attempted and completed suicides among customers, and information regarding available community services and counseling programs developed to prevent suicide.

In addition, the bill requires the Attorney General to distribute the suicide prevention materials to each firearm retail dealer who sells firearms or operates a firing range. The informational materials would advise customers on methods to prevent firearms from being accessible to a friend or family member in crisis. A firearm retail dealer who sells firearms or operates a firing range would be required to make the informational materials available at each retail purchase counter.

12/6/18 - Committee Vote

Passed 9-0

NJ Legislature Sends Murphy "Ghost Gun" Legislation
 Seth Wenig | NJ Advance Media for

Seth Wenig | NJ Advance Media for

[…] both houses of the Legislature passed another gun-control bill Monday, to ban "ghost guns" and 3-D printable guns in New Jersey.

The measure (S2465/A3129) would prohibit the purchase and assembly of untraceable firearm components used to make homemade guns without serial numbers. 

The Senate passed it, 31-0, and the Assembly 68-5, with three abstentions, at the Statehouse in Trenton. [Gov Phil] Murphy must now sign the legislation for it to become law.

The legislation passed amidst Murphy’s continuing push to make New Jersey a leader in gun regulation. He signed a package of six gun laws in June, and has promised “gun safety package 2.0” in the coming months.

LEAP Forward has scored the final votes on S2465.

New Jersey is already ranked #2 among all states for the strength of the state’s gun laws by the Giffords Law Center.