Missouri Legislative Report card

Key state-level legislation:


HB 1242 - creates an offense of knowingly possessing, manufacturing, transporting, repairing, or selling a bump stock or trigger crank.

HB 1340 - establishes extreme risk protection orders and “gun violence” seizure warrants, and prohibits certain persons involved in domestic violence from possessing a firearm.

HB 1342 - prohibits persons from selling, delivering, or transferring to a person under 18 years of age firearm ammunition or accessories.


  • Columns contain the legislation we graded during the legislative session.Graded actions include (s)ponsorship, (c)ommittee vote, (p)assage, (a)mendments
  • Grades on selected legislation are scored as 1 (positive action), -1 (negative action), or 0 (abstention)
  • "Score" is an aggregate of all actions
  • "Rating" is an average of actions taken