My Last Shot

#MyLastShot is a gun-violence prevention project led by students from Columbine High School and activists across the country.

We were inspired by the graphic imagery of Emmett Till and the movement his mother created by showing the world what had happened to her son by having an open casket at his funeral.

This made us realize — if Emmett Till, Napalm Girl, Little Aleppo Boy, Alan Kurdi (the list goes on) helped create change because it didn’t censor the truth, could we apply the same logic towards gun violence? In a world where post-shooting photos are mothers hugging their daughters, and police tape, could we show the true horrors in an effort to create change?

We started doing research, and realized the graphic photos from shootings are never publicized for the world to see. This is done for two main reasons; one — out of respect for the families, and two — to not politicize their death.

What this project does is give the power to the individual to make that call whether or not they want graphic imagery of their body to be published in the event they die from gun-violence by another person. Why? In the hope they can create change.