Dems Look to Move Quickly on Background Checks

“The nation's latest mass shooting has rekindled the fire under Democrats to use their newly won majority to strengthen federal gun laws in the next Congress,” The Hill reports.

[Rep. Mike] Quigley is all for pushing bold reforms, including a ban on assault weapons, but is promoting the idea of securing early victories on more popular measures.

“Let’s start where we have some commonality,” he said. “The vast majority of Americans, the majority of gun owners, the majority of NRA [National Rifle Association] members support universal background checks.

“That’s a good place to start.”

Last month, 86% of the country said that they would be more inclined to vote for a candidate who wants to require universal background checks on gun purchases. Last Tuesday, they did exactly that. The mandate on this issue (and many others related to gun regulation) is pretty clear. Everyone knows the politics of the Senate make any legislation that would restrict firearms a tough lift, but there’s no reason a Democratic-controlled House can’t move this type of bill.