Devyn Denton

Candidate for Oklahoma House of Representatives District 39

Current officeholder: Ryan Martinez

Next election: November 6, 2018

As the debate over guns and our constitutionally-guaranteed Second Amendment rights continues, what is often overlooked are common sense actions that many advocates on both sides of this issue agree on.

For example, as a weapon of war, the AR-15 has no place being available to the general population. Even staunch Second Amendment advocates favor background checks and assessments for acute mental illness issues and/or a history of crimes involving domestic violence. The unregulated, widely available bump stocks, which allow for rapid fire recoil for semi-automatic weapons, should be made illegal.
— Devyn Denton

Electoral History

2018 (general)


Forrest Mayer

Candidate for Oklahoma House of Representatives District 76 

Current officeholder: Ross Ford

Next election: November 6, 2018

I can’t explain my feelings when one of the most innocent voices I know confessed to me that she was scared....

Scared because we were at a carnival crowded with games and rides and food and fun...

Scared because this is the sort of place where the shootings happen.

But don’t worry,

You still don’t need a background check at a gun show.

Known terrorist sympathizers on an FBI watchlist and the no-fly list still can’t be stopped from buying guns at a store.

The CDC is still not allowed to investigate gun violence as a public health issue.

You still don’t need any licensing or training whatsoever to own a machine designed to kill from hundreds of feet away.

You’re still “free”.
— Forrest Mayer

Electoral History

2018 (general)