Oregon Legislative Report card

Key state-level legislation:

HB 4145 - Provides that conviction for stalking causes person to be prohibited from possessing firearm unless person obtains relief from prohibition. (support)

SJM 202 - Urges Congress to enact legislation to define and regulate rapid fire enhancing accessories in same manner as fully automatic weapons, and to define and regulate partially completed firearms components and kits and firearms that are assembled from them.

  • Columns contain the legislation we graded during the legislative session.Graded actions include (s)ponsorship, (c)ommittee vote, (p)assage
  • Grades on selected legislation are scored as 1 (positive action), -1 (negative action), or 0 (abstention)
  • "Score" is an aggregate of all actions
  • "Rating" is an average of actions taken
  • Tables are sorted by District