Sheila Bynum-Coleman

2019 Candidate for Virginia House of Delegates, District 62

2017 Candidate for Virginia House of Delegates, District 62

I believe we can reduce gun violence through common sense gun reform, including universal background checks and universal laws to offer licenses to hold a firearm. We need licenses to fish, hunt, operate a motor vehicle, and now we even need to show identification when voting. We should apply the same logic to gun ownership.

We also need to educate our youth about gun safety at a very young age. So many children are shot when they find their parent’s guns and think it’s a toy. I believe teaching young people gun safety at an early age will also help them understand laws and safety when they are able to purchase firearms when they come of age.

On a personal note, my daughter was shot in a crossfire shoot-out one summer while walking back to her car after an evening with friends. Guns are killing people in communities all across America, and we need to acknowledge we have a problem so we can make changes to save lives and make our communities a safer place to live and raise children.

2017 General Election