My name is Charles Yeganian, and I started LEAP Forward in the fall of 2017 for the express purpose of creating a legislative grading system from a pro-gun regulation perspective.

While there are scorecards released by the gun lobby and candidate recommendations given by groups on both sides of the issue, my goal is to provide transparent legislative grades for every state legislature in the country, as well as the United States Congress. These grades, as well as additional research on non-incumbent candidate platforms, are then used to inform candidate endorsements in all 50 states and at the federal level.

These endorsements are my personal recommendations only, and the legislation selected for grading and the scores given are based on my own research with a single underlying goal: fewer guns in fewer places for fewer reasons. LEAP Forward is not an organization and is not monetized in any way. Instead, its goal is simply to provide voters who care about this issue with the information they need to put their beliefs into action.

If you have any additional questions or comments, or suggestions as to how to make the site better, please feel free to reach out to me at admin@leap-forward.org.